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22. Thermal Conductivity Btu/ sq ft/ ft hr/ F at 68F. 55. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68572 10 to 6 power per F 68 572F 11. Modulus of Elasticity in Tension ksi. 17000. Fabrication Properties. No fabrication properties for this alloy.

C67300 Alloy, C673 Manganese Bronze Concast Metal

Tough and corrosion resistant, C67300 manganese bronze, also known as C673, is a high tensile bronze ideal for highload, lowspeed applications that require a combination of outstanding wear characteristics and high bearing strength. C67300 SPEC SHEET C67300 SIZE SCHEDULE C67300 BROCHURE WEIGHT CALCULATOR

C67300 SAE J463 Manganese Bronze National Bronze Mfg.

C673 has excellent wear and tear characteristics. Combined with the ease of machining and ability to be hot forged, C67300 is often used as a alternative for phosphor bronze in a number of demanding applications. C67300 is a corrosion resistant alloy that can be soldered.

C67300 Manganese Silicon Bronze Anchor Bronze amp Metals, Inc.

C67300 Manganese Silicon Bronze available in solid round bar. This manganese silicon alloy maintains high impact resistance with excellent machinability.

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C67300 continued Physical Properties US Customary Metric Melting Point Liquidus 1605 F 874 C 3Density 0.3 lb/in at 68 F 8.3 gm/cm3 at 20 C Specific Gravity 8.3 8.3 Electrical Conductivity 22 IACS at 68 F 0.13 MegaSiemens/cm at 20 C Thermal Conductivity 55 Btu/sq ft/ft hr/F at 68 F 95 W/m at 20 C

C67300 Manganese Bronze Aviva Metals

C67300 Manganese Bronze. SAE J461, SAE J463. This is a high strength leaded silicon manganese bronze with typically good bearing qualities. This alloy maintains high impact resistance with excellent machinability making it well suited for clutch bearings, shaft bushings, sleeve bearings, thrust bearings, pump parts, drive shafts, bearing pins, wear plates, gears and cams.

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Copper Mines in the Arabah Biblical Archaeology Society

New Kingdom Egypts copper likely originated in the Arabah, the wide desert valley that forms the modern border between Israel and Jordan. In addition to showing trade connections, this discovery could also provide new evidence on the reasons for the famous military expedition of the Egyptian pharaoh Shoshenq I biblical Shishak to the southern Levant in the midtenth century B.C.E.

Study of Ushabti Copper Origins Enlightens Egypts Dark Age

Dr. Shirly BenDor Evian, a curator of Egyptian archaeology at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, has published a new study in the Journal of Archaeological Science, looking at the source of ancient Egypt s copper during a time the country was split in two politically. Lead isotope analysis was performed on samples taken from four bronze ...

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