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Hiperco 50 Soft Magnetic Alloys Ed Fagan

0183 32alloys for the worlds leading producer of these alloys ThyssenKrupp VDM. EFI Alloy 79:aka Magnifer 7904, MolyPermalloy and HyMu 80 Sheet, Coil/Strip EFI 50: aka Magnifer 50 and High Perm 49 Bar, Coil/Strip Carpenter VimVar Core Iron: Rod, Bar Carpenter Hiperco 50: Coil/Strip, Billet Radiometal 4550: Rod, Coil/Strip Refractory Metals/Alloys

Ferromagnetic Annealing Hiperco 50, 50 HS and 50A Alloys ...

Hiperco 50 and Hiperco 50 HC. It is important to avoid any contamination of the finished parts during the heat treatment. All parts must be cleaned thoroughly to remove any surface contaminants prior to annealing. Batch heat treating in a sealed retort or welded boxtype furnace is recommended.

Hiperco 50, Hiperco 50A and Hiperco HS Ed Fagan Inc.

The Hiperco 174 50 family of alloys Hiperco 50, 50A, 50 HS are ironcobaltvanadium soft magnetic alloys comprised of 49 cobalt, 2 vanadium, balance Iron. In contrast, Hiperco 50 and Hiperco 50 HS both contain small varying amounts of Niobium for grain refinement during processing and final heat treating for higher yield strength.


0183 32HIPERCO 174 50 HS Description Hiperco 50 HS is an ironcobaltvanadium soft magnetic alloy that exhibits high magnetic saturation 24 kilogauss and a unique combination of high yield strength and moderate core loss. The alloy contains a niobium addition for grain refinement during mill processing and final heat treating to

Hiperco 50A XAGY Homeexpandable alloy, soft magnetic ...

Hiperco 50A is a highsaturation magnetic induction strength ironcobaltvanadium soft magnetic alloy. In the existing soft magnetic materials, the alloy has the highest saturation magnetic induction 2.4T and a high Curie point 940 . Due to the high saturation magnetic induction, when manufacturing a motor of the same power, the volume ...

Soft Magnetic Alloys Nicofe Materials

ASTM A801 Hiperco 50 1. Consisting of 49 Cobalt, 49 Iron, and 2 Vanadium Hiperco 50 has the highest magnetic saturation of any commercial alloy, and greater mechanical strength than other soft magnetic alloys. Also known as: AFK 502, VACOFLUX 50, Permendur 49, Rotelloy 3. Appli ions. Electrical generators Pole pieces for electromagnets

Carpenter Hiperco 50Information Polaris Laser Laminations

0183 32annealing, of Hiperco 174 Alloy 50. Updated magnetic properties can be found on the Magnetic Materials pages of Lamination Steels Third Edition. Please visit the Carpenter Technology web site, www.cartech.com, for the most current material properties. Information on this page is not guaranteed

Soft Magnetic Iron Cobalt Alloy Hiperco 50A

Hiperco 50A exhibit the highest magnetic saturation 2.4 T of all softmagnetic alloys. In addition, they exhibit low values of coercive force, meaning demagnetisation can be easily achieved. high DC maximum permeability and low AC core loss . The alloy is melted using Xian Gangyan Special Alloy Co,Ltd

Alloys SWB Steels

Hastelloy Family of Alloys: Inconel Family of Alloys: Haynes Family of Alloys Rhenium Bearing alloys PWA 1484, PWA 1426, CMSX 4, CMSX 10, CM186, Rene N5, Rene 142. Recycled Scrap Stellite and Stellite Alloy: Monel: Hastelloy: Waspaloy: Kovar and Kovar Alloy: Densalloy: Maraging 200300 and Maraging Alloy: Superalloy: Inconel: Rene: Tungsten Carbide ...

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07082021 0183 32Trade Tariff: look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates. Commodity codes classify goods for import and export so you can: fill in declarations and other paperwork. check if

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