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Tungsten copper WCu materials are used for arcing contacts in SF 6 circuit breakers for high and medium voltage applications. At the heart of the switching chamber, WCu arcing contacts are exposed to extreme mechanical and thermal stresses. During arcing, the temperature can reach levels 20,000 K, for instance. Your contact Person for:

Tungsten Copper Electrode, Heat Sink W Cu Properties and ...

Tungsten Copper Electrodes For Resistance Welding, EDM, and Plasma Spray, Heat Sinks, Heat Spreaders. W Cu, Cu W 50 50, 60 40, 70 30, 75 25, 80 20, 90 10.

Tungsten Copper Alloy Cu W

Copper Tungsten Alloy. Consisting of pure tungsten W powder suspended in a matrix of copper Cu, these alloys are readily machinable and known for good thermal and electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion, being nonmagnetic, good performance under vacuum, and resistance to erosion from arcing . Thus, they are often used as electrical ...

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The contact tip has a body that is provided with a recess at a first end and a bore at a second end. Bodies are made of at least 99.0 w/w copper. An insert of tungsten, tellurium and copper or tungsten, chromium, zirconium, silver tungsten, tellurium and copper is inserted into the body39s bore.

WCu Composites Tungstencopper Composites Main Applications

WCu Composites Used For Electrical Contact. Due to the melting point of W 3390 3430 is much higher than the boiling point of Cu 2350 2600 , the Cu in tungstencopper can cool down and maintain the integrity of the tungsten skeleton through sweat heat dissipation under the action of hightemperature arc when used as an electric contact, thus ensuring good breaking function ...

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Any feedback or inquiry of Tungsten Copper Alloy Products please feel free to contact us: Email: saleschinatungsten.com Tel.: 86 592 512 9696 86 592 512 9595 Fax.: 86 592 512 9797 More Info Tungsten Copper Tungsten Copper Alloy

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Tungsten Carbide Copper. Tungsten carbide copper CuWC can be used as dies and anvils in electrical upsetting, WCCu is a refractory tungsten carbide based composite obtained by the process of pressing, sintering and infiltrating.

Skarn Occurrences in Utah and the Potential for Associated ...

rock involving transfer of calcium across the contact is termed endoskarn. Skarns constitute an important category of mineral deposits and are classified based on the dominant economic metal they contain. The five major classes of skarn deposits are iron, tungsten, copper, zinc lead, . and tin.

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9.54. 230 270. 11.5. The most important usage of copper molybdenum is heat sinks for electronic devices. We can also provide Mo/Cu/Mo, Mo/CuMo/Mo parts. Visit our Heat sinks page for more information. Besides MoCu and Tungsten copper WCu heat sinks, we can also provide pure molybdenum, CuMoCu Heat Sinks, MolybdenumCopperMolybdenum ...

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Tungsten is a chemical element with the symbol W and the atomic number 74. It is a grayishwhite lustrous metal in form. Pure Tungsten is mainly used in electrical applications while Tungsten composites and alloys are used in various applications, especially in incandescent lights as filaments, in Xray tubes as both the filaments and targets and in superalloys as composition.

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2 Inferred base metal body with copper: 175,000 tons, 41 opt Ag, 4 Pb, 14 Zn, 6 Cu, 0.9 WO3 Tellurium: In 200910, in a reconnaissance program for tellurium resources, consultant Don Strachan sampled high zinc exposures in the Defiance mine. The zinctellurium association is well known from other regions.

A Guide to Working With Copper and Copper Alloys

Copper is the only solid surface material registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to continuously kill bacteria that pose a threat to human health. No other touch surface material has this kind of registration. This booklet will serve to answer immediate questions about using copper and copper alloys in familiar ways and in

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