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Kennametal Stellite Stellite 174 33 MatWeb

Kennametal Stellite Stellite 174 33. Categories: Metal Nonferrous Metal Cobalt Alloy Superalloy. Material Notes: Completely nonmagnetic. Specific Electrical Resistance: 39.8 181Ohm/in^3. Appli ions: standard tool bits, tipped tools, form tools, milling cutter blades, wood working tools, reamer blades, cutoff tools, valves, valve seats, hot extrusion dies, plug gages, indi or anvils, wire guides, wear strips, balls, 32liberia32liberia


STELLITETMCOBALTBASED ALLOYS consists of complex carbides in an alloy matrix. They are resistant to wear, galling and corrosion and retain these properties at high temperatures. Their exceptional wear resistance is due mainly to the unique inherent characteristics of the hard carbide phase dispersed in a CoCr alloy matrix. STELLITETM3is an alloy possessing excellent abrasion and 32liberia32liberia

Stellite Products

Stellite Products. Manufactured using a comprehensive range of alloys to combat wear in the most demanding environments. No matter the industry, we offer the flexibility to supply components in any volume and either ascast or finishmachined to meet exacting tolerances. Kennametal Stellite manufactures consumable weld overlay materials ...32liberia32liberia

Dental Alloys

Kennametal Stellite produces a wide range of NonPrecious dental alloys, ranging from standard alloys shown in the table below to a custom designs. Kennametal Stellite holds approval in accordance with the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC and ISO 13485:2003 for the manufacture of dental base metal casting alloys.32liberia32liberia

Cobalt Alloy Bar Stock Alloy Cast Products Inc.

Compare to Stellite 174 3 products Cobalt Alloy No. 3 ICI Specifi ion Quality: 4450HRC: Compare to Stellite 174 12 products Cobalt Alloy No. 12 ICI Specifi ion Quality: 2432HRC: Compare to Stellite 174 21 products Cobalt Alloy No. 21 ASTMA732GR21: 5258HRC: REXALLOY 174 33 Compare to Stellite 174 20 products32liberia32liberia


STELLITETMCOBALTBASED ALLOYS consists of complex carbides in an alloy matrix. They are resistant to wear, galling, and corrosion and retain these properties at high temperatures. Their exceptional wear resistance is due mainly to the unique inherent characteristics of the hard carbide phase dispersed in a CoCr alloy matrix. STELLITETM6 is the most widely used of the wear resistant cobaltbased alloys 32liberia32liberia


Stellite 174 21 previously known as Stellite 174 8 was developed in the mid 1930s as a corrosion resistant CoCr alloy, and rapidly found appli ion as a biocompatible hip implant and denture alloy. Many of the alloys currently used in medical appli ions are variants of the original Stellite 174 21 composition. It was also one of the first heat32liberia32liberia

Stellite alloys ORIC Italiana S.r.l.

Stellite is a Cobalt alloy with excellent resistance to wear, corrosion, abrasion and erosion, maintaining its characteristics across a wide temperature range. For these properties, Stellite is increasingly used where there are very severe conditions of use.32liberia32liberia


Stellite 174 6 is available as welding wire, rod, powder, and electrodes finished castings and P/M parts. Deloro Stellite also offers hardfacing services. A separate brochure is available for the wrought forms of this alloy, namely Stellite 174 6B and Stellite 174 6K. Stellite 174 6 32liberia32liberia

Stellite Wikipedia

32liberia32liberiaOverviewHistoryCompositionPropertiesAppli ionsVarietiesExternal linksStellite is a trademarked name of Kennametal Inc. Prior to that it was owned by Union Carbide, Stellite Division. Invented by Elwood Haynes in the early 1900s as a material for making cutlery that wouldnt stain or require constant cleaning. Wikipedia 183 CCBYSA

Stellite Alloys Chemical Composition, Mechanical ...

Aug 15, 2013 0183 32Topics Covered. Introduction Chemical Properties Mechanical Properties Manufacturing Process Appli ions References. Introduction to Stellite Alloys. Stellite alloys are a group of cobaltchromium superalloys consisting of complex carbides in an alloy matrix predominantly designed for high wear resistance and superior chemical and corrosion performance in hostile environments.


Kennametal Stellite tm manufactures sophisti ed alloys in the form of castings, powders, coatings, consumables, and machined parts that resist wear, corrosion, and abrasion. Information provided in this document is intended only for general guidance about Kennametal Stellite tm products and is the best information in our possession at the time.

Stellite 174 Technical Data Sheets

Kennametal Stellite Stellite 174 6B solution heattreated at 1232 176C, air cooled, 7.9 mm thick plate, aged 3 hours at 816 176C. Kennametal Stellite Stellite 174 6HC Cobalt Alloy. Kennametal Stellite Stellite 174 6K 1.6 mm thick sheet. Kennametal Stellite Stellite 174 6K 12.7 or 22.2 mm plate.

HAYNES 25, L605, Stellite 25, UNS R30605

Alloy L605 is the strongest of the formable cobalt alloys, useful for continuous service to 1800 176F. Because of long and widespread use, this alloy has been the subject of many investigations to determine its properties over a wide range of conditions, thus making it an unusually well characterized material. Alloy L605 is also known as alloy 25.

Hardfacing Electrodes

Stoody 33 is an all position tubular electrode that is recommended where sound deposits with low coefficient of friction are desired. It bonds well with carbon, low alloy, and manganese steels, and polishes to a

Filler Metals

ESABs industrial filler metals will help your company keep pace with changes and face challenges.

Wear Characteristic of Stellite 6 Alloy Hardfacing Layer ...

Nov 20, 2017 0183 32The microstructure and wear resistance of Stellite 6 alloy hardfacing layer at two different temperatures room temperature and 300 176C were investigated by plasma arc surfacing processes on Q235 Steel. Tribological test was conducted to characterize the wear property. The microstructure of Stellite 6 alloy coating mainly consists of and x3b1lt/igtCo and Cr, Fe ltsubgt7lt/subgtCltsubgt3lt/subgt phases.

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Welding Alloys Deutschland GmbH, Plant Wedderswpc. Neue Warnstedter Str. 13a. D06502 Thale OT Wedderswpc. Germany. Terms and Conditions Fichier introuvable info.germany 49 0 3946 96320. 49 0 3946 963211.

Drawing Customized Cobalt Based Alloy Rotor And Stator ...

Drawing customized stellite alloy bldc motor stator and rotor Excellent wear and corrosion resistance even at high temperature up to 800 SYTOP cobalt base alloys is a range of cobaltchromiumtungsten alloys with wear resistance, corrosion and high thermal resistance. It is widely used in oil and gas, machinery, wood cutting, automotive, paper and food processing industry etc.

Introduction: overview of the global iron ore industry ...

Jan 01, 2015 0183 32Introduction. 1.1.1. World steel and iron ore production. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that is vital to the global economy. Its unique combination of strength, formability, versatility, recyclability, and low cost, make it an ideal material for the construction industry, shipbuilding, motor

Global Laser Cladding Material Market Growth 20212026 ...

According to this latest study, the 2021 growth of Laser Cladding Material will have significant change from previous year. By the most conservative estimates of global Laser Cladding Material market size most likely outcome will be a yearoveryear revenue growth rate of XX in 2021, from US 133.4 million in 2020.

Great Lakes Industrial Knife Co. High Quality Machine Knives

Great Lakes Industrial Knife has been manufacturing the worlds highest quality inlaid tungsten carbide machine knives for over twenty years. Our exclusive tungsten carbide to metal bonding process guarantees maximum edge performance combined with high shock toughness. Demand

Homogenizing Machine by Changzhou Longde TD Machinery Co ...

Pumping group with poppet valves and valve seats in Stellite alloy. Homogenizing valves and seats in tungsten alloy and Stellite alloy. Asynchronous electric motor, 4 poles, 380V,50Hz/220V,60Hz, 3 phase is available. Splash lubri ion system with oil cooling system on GJB500025 and more big machines.


Liberia 231 Libya 218 Liechtenstein 423 Lithuania 370 Luxembourg 352 Macau 853 Macedonia 389 ... Nibase Alloy ... STELLITE

Stellite Alloy / Cobalt Alloys

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading stellite alloy manufacturer and supplier. Cobalt alloys have higher melting points than nickel or iron alloys ,This gives them the ability to absorb stress to a higher absolute temperature . Cobalt alloys give superior hot corrosion resistance to gas turbine atmospheres , this is due to their high chromium content.


0183 32Haynes alloy N6 re 173 portedly exhibits hot hardness superior to that of Stellite 6 and Haynes 716, both of which behave similarly 8 . Ad 173 hesive wear resistance of both of these replacement alloys is an order of magni 173 tude better than that of Stellite 6 and slightly better than that of the harder Stellite 1.

What is Stellite and what is it used for EngineeringClicks

13/11/2016 0183 32Stellite 174 is a nonmagnetic alloy which contains a variety of different metal components with the main elements being cobalt and chromium. The material itself has been around since the 1900s and was originally seen as a substitute for traditional metal cutlery which suffered from general wear and tear and was also prone to staining.

Hardfacing Electrodes

Stoody 33 is an all position tubular electrode that is recommended where sound deposits with low coefficient of friction are desired. It bonds well with carbon, low alloy, and manganese steels, and polishes to a mirror finish. Read more

Alloy Groups

Cobalt Alloy Groups There are relatively few wrought, corrosion and wearresistant, cobaltbased alloys. On the other hand, there are many cast, wearresistant, cobaltbased alloys closely associated with the STELLITE 174 tradename that, despite their high carbon contents, possess a modicum of resistance to aqueous corrosion.


0183 32speed capabilities over Stellite with higher resistance to scoring, wear, and corrosion. The C6 alloy is available only from Caterpillar. It is the material of choice around the world in large diameter wheel appli ions. Stellite Stellite has been designed for the harshest operating environments where abrasive and corrosive elements are present.

Products CORMET

For overlays subjected to heat and impact at high temperatures. Weld metal also provides good crack resistance. CoCrMo. 2833 Rc as welded. Data Sheet. 2101 E. Offers superior resistance to heat checking, spalling, chipping and erosion over our 21 alloy. CoCrMoCb. 33

Influence of Carbon Content in CobaltBased Superalloys on ...

18/03/2004 0183 32Two cobaltbased superalloys containing 1.6 and 2 carbon respectively were studied, with the emphasis on the influence of the carbon content on their microstructures, wear resistance, and mechanical properties.

Stainless steels Nickel Institute

0183 32Scandinavian alloy standards include a 0.05 max. C grade. Their designation for lt0.05C Type 304 is 2333 EN/DIN 1.4301 and for lt0.05C Type 316 is 2347 EN/DIN 1.4401 . There are no UNS designations for the lt0.05C grades. In mixed stainless steel and carbon steel assemblies where the carbon steel must be stress relieved,

ASME Weld Number Tables P number base and F number filler

FNumbers of filler metals can be found in ASME Section IXs Number Table QW432 an extract is shown as following: F Numbers. Electrodes/Welding Rods. F No. 1 through F No. 6. Steel and Steel Alloys. F No. 21 through F No. 25. Aluminum and aluminum base alloys. F No. 31 through F

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